Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Today i am going to discuss about the basic computer memory organization system. So lets turn into the discussion..........
In Computer data are organized in some logical way and these are:
1. Array
2. Link List
3. Tree
4. Stack
5. Queue
Let’s discuss them in details…….
Array is the most common representation style of data in memory.
Arrays are two types’
linear array and multidimensional array. In this section we will talk about only about the linear array. Linear array is the simplest form of data organization in memory. It is called the one dimensional array. Let’s observe fig: 01
that is given below.
In fig:-01 we take the collection of necessary equipment for study. They are stored in memory by the array variable A and every data element has the particular identifier that is A [1], A [2]………A [8]. So by these identifiers we can access the data elements easily and more effectively.
Note: In array all the data elements will same data type that is integer, or float or char etc.
Linked Lists:
Similarly as linear array representation the link list is also an organizing style of data in computer memory. It is little bit complex to compare with the array representation. In this method we will create nodes that will contain two parts one is the info part and other is the pointer which stores the address of the next node. Now observe the fig: – 02.
Now suppose we have initialize a data type ‘node’ and it consists of two parts one is [info] and the other is [link] so now we have created the first node “paper” and it stores in the 2101 section of memory. And after that when we created the second node “pen” we will assign the address of that node to the [link] section of the first node “paper”. After doing this to the last node then we will assign the link section of the last node with “NULL” which will tell the compiler that there is nothing to access after this node.
So the graphical representation of this link list is:-
No more today ……………………….. We will discuss the rest in the next section……………….