Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do You Know: What Is an Object?

An object is merely a collection of related information and functionality. An object can be something that has a corresponding real-world manifestation (such as an employee is an object), something that has some virtual meaning (such as a window on the screen), or just some convenient abstraction within a program (a list of work to be done, for example). In C++ or JAVA language to have a clear concept on object is most important. Let's discuss the details.
An object is composed of the data that describes the object and the operations
that can be performed on the object. Information stored in an employee object, for example,

 might be various identification information (name, address), work information (job title, salary), and so on. The operations performed might include creating an employee paycheck or promoting an employee. When creating an object-oriented design, the first step is to determine what the objects are. When dealing with real-life objects, this is often straightforward, but when dealing with the virtual world, the boundaries become less clear. That’s where the art of good design shows up, and it’s why good architects are in such demand.

Note that an object is just a special kind of data. An object has properties and methods.