Saturday, October 3, 2015

Web application development with php development environment and LARAVEL

Today i am going to start a new tutorial session for the web application development freaks and who are willing to develop web applications with the newest and most excellent framework of PHP. Yes, I am telling about the laravel framework.

Web application development: When a newbie Computer Science and Engineering Student or any other computer programmer decided to build his/her career as a software engineer, he/ she just got confused (in my point of view) where to start from or which platform should be choosen? Desktop/ Mobile/Web?. Moreover they often got confused to hear that a web developer called himself/herself as a software engineer or software developer!!!. For those, i will say, A web application developer is also a software developer who make the software that can be used or maintained through the World Wide Web. An web application is a formation of some web pages (Dynamic) that can provide you some sorts of certain goals. There are lots of programming language to develop any web applications such as, PHP, ASP.Net,RUBY on Rails, PERL, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and JSP etc. In this tutorial session we will learn to develop a basic web application with PHP and it's most upgraded web application framework laravel.

Web application development with php development environment and LARAVEL

Introduction to LARAVEL framework: Laravel is a MVC(model-view-controller) based php framework. Moreover it has some other layers called: ROUTING, Repository etc. Laravel is an open source php web application framework. Taylor Otwell, a great web developer first released this framework in june,2011 with an intention to build the php web applications with more comfortably following the mvc pattern. This php framework has been written in php 5. And this is the cross-platform facilitated web application framework. The laravel framework followed more than 10 data handling patterns such as adaptive pattern, repository pattern, facade pattern, factory pattern etc. The most upgraded versions of laravel is 5.1. 
To start this tutorial session i have divided it in some parts:
These are:

  • PHP basics
  • LARAVEL Architecture
  • LARAVEL Installation and Configuaration
  • Basic Routing
  • Data Storage and Database
  • Helper functions and Artisan Command Line Tool
  • Testing

No more today, See you in the next lesson on 10th October, 2015. Till then keep yourself updated with me.